Joseph’s 1st Birthday Quilt

DSC04720I decided a few months ago that I wanted to make another quilt for Joseph for his birthday. As you may remember, I made him one for when he was born and I wanted to carry on the tradition.

I decided to do a simple patchwork pattern and use the remaining fabric I had from Shawn’s old shirts and added in some blue chambray that I had laying around. I like that it goes well with the one I made before but is a bit more casual and “boyish” looking. I think that it should fit his crib perfectly for when we eventually convert it to a toddler bed. I backed it in green minky that I had left over from Roz’s quilt and did a scrappy binding with the last bits of the shirt fabrics.

My favorite part of this quilt is that I incorporated the shirt pockets into one row! I kept imagining Joseph hiding his little cars or action figures in them as he went to bed. Is that cute?



***Enough with the photos, mom!***

Mother’s Day Quilt (2012)



I originally planned on making this quilt for my mom back in Wisconsin. I was going to take another quilting class and this was the project quilt. I purchased the fabric and pattern, then they ended up canceling the class!  Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by the pattern, having never done flying-geese blocks and so much piecing before so i put it off in my “to do” pile of projects and moved on to other things. Eventually, I got up enough courage to tackle the project while I was still pregnant with Joseph. I worked on it here and there and finally got it finished n time to give it to mom for Mother’s Day last year.

I used some lovely hand-dyed batik fabrics for it in colors that my mom really loves. The green print has fern leaves in the pattern that you can’t really get from this photo, but I used it for the backing as well. These aren’t necessarily something that I would gravitate to, but I think that it was perfect for mom.

I have to admit that I struggled a little on this one. Those geese triangles were killer and I don’t think that I was accurate enough with the cutting before piecing them together. You can see here and there where they were eaten up a bit. I think that I learned a lot from this pattern and I’m considering trying it out again at some point. The good thing is that mom loves it and could care less about the imperfections. That my mom, finding the good in something and being able to gloss over the bad.



Recent Nap Time Projects

DSC04639I’d thought that I’d share some of my recent small sewing projects that I’ve done lately. This first one came about while I was playing around with some scraps in my fabric bin one day and decided to make myself a little “mug rug” for in my studio. I’ve seen a million of these made on other blogs before, so I just improvised with what I had on hand after deciding the approximate size I wanted it to be. Finished, it ended up being about 9″x13″, just the right size for a cup of coffee or small snack plate. It came together super fast, I completed it during one of Joseph’s naps!

I hate to admit it, but I really needed one of these. I am a bit clumsy sloppy unaware sometimes and will knock over my drink while working at my desk, or I’ll put it on a shelf, only to forget about it completely. This gives me a designated spot, keeps things tidy, has held up to several washings, and it bring a little more color into my space. Perfect.  DSC04640

Here’s another little project I whipped up one day during nap time. I made some blocks out of some pink scraps I had laying around and then used them to make some half-square triangles (HSTs) along with some left over white fabric I had on hand. I then figured out the pattern and stitched it up. The finished size is approximately 14″x19″ I’ll be hanging it on the wall in my studio for right now, but I might eventually make it into a throw pillow.


***forgive the atrocious photos. February in Ohio is as gloomy as they come, so the light was terrible. . . . not to mention I was too lazy to press things beforehand.***

Undocumented Gifts

IMG_2533I was sitting here thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to show off some recent projects that I made? Then I realized that I didn’t photograph ANY of them. Ugh. Normally, I am fairly good about getting a shot or two of a finished project before giving it to the recipient. Recently, however, I have failed miserably.

I overlooked several projects at Christmas: a knitted hat for my nephew, two pairs of socks for my mom, and a made a quilt for my younger sister Ashley, none of them photographed. I partially redeemed myself by getting a quick shot of Mikey’s and Roz’s quilts.

I just gave our friends a hand-knit receiving blanket as well as some bibs and burp clothes that I made and, once again, I didn’t take one finished photo. Blarg! I was really happy with how they turned out, too.

I vow to be better about documenting my projects more and sharing them with you. I actually have a couple of small things that I’ve done recently that I haven’t shared yet, so I am going to find the time to get some decent shots of them and put them up here. Now, if I could only find my camera charger. . . .

Rozalyn’s Quilt



Here’s the quilt that I made for my sister, Rozalyn. I modified a pattern that I saw online, making the internal blocks larger. The majority of the fabric I used was left over from Lucy’s quilt. Roz really loved the colors and fabric when I showed it to her, so I knew that she’d be happy with this one. I added the espresso micro-dot fabric to tone down some of the pink. This came together fairly quickly since I already had some of the fabrics cut into squares and strips. I backed it with green minky that matches the colors from the front of the quilt. I also used this machine binding technique that I found on Pinterest. It looks great with the accent color in the binding, but was a bit time consuming. I might try it again when I wouldn’t be so crunched for time.

Michael John’s Quilt



For Christmas this year, I made quilts for my brother and sisters. It was a big project to undertake, but I was so happy to be able to make something for each of them. Due to time constraints, I went with making them lap/throw size quilts. Here is the one I made for my brother.

This is my first improvised quilt. I wanted something that would be graphic and masculine. I decided to use solids instead of prints and knew that I couldn’t go wrong with navy and orange (Chicago Bears colors) with a white background. I mitered those corners, a first for me. Pretty pleased with how they turned out. I backed the quilt with a navy minky fabric (super soft fuzzy fleece) which was another first for me. I gave the quilt a great weight to it and was super snuggly, however what a pain to quilt with my dinky machine. I bound it with a dark grey solid.

Finding Time


“So many projects, so little time.”

I am positively itching to work on some knitting and sewing projects but I just can’t seem to find a free minute to do so and it is driving me crazy. I really need that outlet in my life. It helps me deal with stress and is a way that I can be “my own self” instead of mother, wife, cook, laundress, etc. Now, I enjoy being all of those other things (well, maybe not laundress) but in order to be good at those roles, I also need that creative release. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to find a balance and get back into the studio.