Mother’s Day Quilt (2012)



I originally planned on making this quilt for my mom back in Wisconsin. I was going to take another quilting class and this was the project quilt. I purchased the fabric and pattern, then they ended up canceling the class!  Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by the pattern, having never done flying-geese blocks and so much piecing before so i put it off in my “to do” pile of projects and moved on to other things. Eventually, I got up enough courage to tackle the project while I was still pregnant with Joseph. I worked on it here and there and finally got it finished n time to give it to mom for Mother’s Day last year.

I used some lovely hand-dyed batik fabrics for it in colors that my mom really loves. The green print has fern leaves in the pattern that you can’t really get from this photo, but I used it for the backing as well. These aren’t necessarily something that I would gravitate to, but I think that it was perfect for mom.

I have to admit that I struggled a little on this one. Those geese triangles were killer and I don’t think that I was accurate enough with the cutting before piecing them together. You can see here and there where they were eaten up a bit. I think that I learned a lot from this pattern and I’m considering trying it out again at some point. The good thing is that mom loves it and could care less about the imperfections. That my mom, finding the good in something and being able to gloss over the bad.



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