Christmas List

Not that kind of list. Here’s our current to-do list to get done by Christmas. (Barring any Mayan Apocalypse interruption.)

1. Purchase presents
2. Bake blueberry pie (2)
3. Wrap gifts
4. Finish super secret Christmas projects
5. Laundry
6. Make packing list for travel
7. Pack
8. Bills/balance checking
9. Make Chex Mix
10. More laundry
11. Dog to vet/grooming
12. Find camera charger
13. Get car cleaned
14. Schedule oil change
15. Re-schedule dentist appointment for after holidays.

This is on top of baby wrangling:




Quite a handful, no?

Luckily, Shawn will be helping me to knock out this list. Thank goodness!

iTunes Shuffle 6/14/2012

  1. The Hives Introduce the Metric Stystem In Time -The Hives
  2.  Broken Drum – Beck
  3. Ordinary World -Above and Beyond Remix -Aurora Feat. Naimee Coleman
  4. No Me Vayas A Enganar – Ormara Portuondo
  5. Howlin’ for You – The Black Keys
  6. Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest
  7. Black Betty – Ram Jam
  8. The Engine Driver (Live) – Colin Meloy
  9. Bohemiath – Steven Wright
  10. Lounge Act – Nirvana
  11. Open Book – Cake
  12. Not My Idea – Garbage
  13. Blame It On The Tetons – Modest Mouse
  14. Geek U.S.A – Smashing Pumpkins
  15. Que’Onda Guero (Remixed by Islands) – Beck
  16. I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
  17. Shake Your Rump – Beastie Boys
  18. Emily Kane (Original) Art Brut
  19. If I Only Could Stay Asleep – Patsy Kline
  20. The Circus – Erasure
  21. Back In My Arms Again – The Supremes
  22. It’s Bad You Know – R.L. Burnside
  23. Skin and Bones – The Naysayers
  24. Gimme Some Lovin’ – The Blues Brothers
  25. Marry Young – Tony Bennett

101 Things: Review and Revisions

I have about 20 months left to complete my 101 Things in 1001 Days project. I’ve been looking over my list and there are a few revisions that I feel like I need to make. Some of the things are a bit too open ended for my liking. Others, I feel, are either unrealistic now that Joe is in the picture, or are frankly no longer interesting to me. So, I’ve made some changes.  Here are a few of the new ones I’ve added to my list.

31. Open a 529 for Joseph

41. Organize and edit photos in digital library

63. Make quilt(s) to donate to Riverside NICU

76. Go to the drive-in

You can see the full list here.

Packing for a two month old

You all know how I love a good list. Well, here’s the one I made while planning to pack for our trip to visit my family. I felt like I was preparing for the Normandy Invasion.

Joseph’s Packing List

  1. diapers (one large “sleeve” of Pamper’s Swaddlers Size 2)
  2. package of diaper wipes
  3. baby wash & lotion
  4. diaper ointment
  5. baby sunscreen
  6. brush & comb
  7. towels (2)
  8. washcloths (3)
  9. burp cloths (3)
  10. bibs (3)
  11. container of Similac
  12. bottles (8)
  13. socks (3)
  14. shoes
  15. outfits (12)
  16. pajamas (2)
  17. onesies (3)
  18. play quilt
  19. receiving blanket (2)
  20. pack’n’play
  21. playtime mat
  22. toys (Mr. Octopus, Spot, Dr. Seuss)
  23. Bouncy Seat
  24. Stroller  with carseat attachment
  25. Mosquito netting for stroller
  26. pacifiers (2)

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

I’ve decided to join in on a challenge that stemmed from this post by Jess from Makeunder My Life. Some 50 other bloggers and myself have decided to air our dirty laundry and just get things off our chest that we’ve often thought about sharing, but might have felt too fearful or uncertain to post. You can find the entire list of participants on Creature Comforts.
I feel like I’m pretty open about most things here (possibly a little too much so at times) but I think that it is a great idea to try to keep yourself honest and is a fantastic way to generate conversations about things that you might not always be comfortable bringing up. I feel like this previous post of mine is a great example. I was surprised and amazed by the comments and support I received, something I would not have gotten if I didn’t speak up.
I’ve decided to address this challenge using list form. (No surprise there.) So here it goes:
Things I’m Afraid to Tell You:
  • I sometimes feel guilty that I am able to stay at home with Joseph. I have many friends who work full time along with raising their children and I know how difficult that can be. I am blessed to be able to do it, but I am somewhat embarrassed to say it. I can’t fully explain why.
  • I watch the soap opera General Hospital. Usually, I DVR it so I can fast forward through story lines I don’t like. It is a guilty pleasure for me.
  • I feel that my husband is more stylish that myself and always ask his opinion on my wardrobe choices.
  • For the most part, I hated being pregnant. I felt like my body wasn’t my own and it frustrated me that I wasn’t able to do what I wanted. It made me realize how fragile my body is and to not take my health for granted. However, I would go through it all again for it was worth it to bring the light of my life into the world.
  • I worry about death and dying all the time. About myself as well as those I love. It terrifies me.
  • I have recurring dreams about tornados and train derailments. (Separately)
  • One of my biggest regrets is changing my major in college from Fine Art to Visual Communications. I did it because I was worried about finding a job, when I should have stuck with something I loved.
UPDATE: I am amazed by how open and honest everyone has been in this challenge. It is a great comfort to know that others have the same thoughts and worries that I do. I want to share a direct link to the participants so you can check out other posts.
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Weekend To-Do List

1. Farmer’s Market – look for strawberries!
2. Lowes
3. Strader’s Garden Center
4. repot houseplants
5. plant outside containers
6. power wash deck and patio -Shawn
7. Bed Bath & Beyond – carpet cleaner & possible storage ottoman
8. vacuum & mop floors
9. windex & dust
10. knit
11. church
12. visit cemetery
13. go to the pool
14. laundry
15. work on studio
16. Giant Eagle
17. Whole Foods


The last 20 songs that shuffled out of itunes:

1. Acquiesce, Oasis
2. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Sarah McLachlan
3. Guilty, Billie Holiday
4. Settling In, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
5. I’m Bound to Pack It Up, The White Stripes
6. Farewell Ride, Beck
7. Spaceboy, Smashing Pumpkins
8. Fight, Art Brut
9. Oh My God, A Tribe Called Quest
10. Remote Control, The Beastie Boys
11. Dance, Dance, Dance, Steve Miller Band
12. Boogie On Reggae Woman, Stevie Wonder
13. Trouble No More, The Allman Brothers
14. Crazy Dreams, Patsy Cline
15. Do That Stuff, Parliament
16. Le Chacal, Edith Piaf
17. S.A.D. Light, Glasvegas
18. Give Me Back My Wig, Houndog Taylor & The HouseRockers
19. Ohio, The Black Keys
20. Big Brown Eyes, Old 97s

Envelope Swap: October Swag

This month in Ravelry’s Envelope Swap, I received an orange-themed envelope from Sweetm: jack’o lantern stickers, orange glow sticks, a skein of orange cotton yarn, a tin of mints, candy corn, m&m’s and some cute striped socks. Thanks so much, Sweetm!

Envelope Swap Goodies

Here’s my haul from my Envelope Swap group over on Ravelry: flower stickers, an adorable project back that has a bird printed on it, a sample of some variegated sock yarn, a pocket tape measure, and a jewelry making kit. I was matched up with Sweetm from Portland, OR. Thanks a bunch, Sweetm!!

This weekend:

Ah, the anticipation of a Friday afternoon. My work is done, now I just have to wait for the hubby to arrive home. It’s aallllmoooosst the weekend! Fortunately, there are no big plans. Here are a few of the things I am really looking forward to right now.

Finishing up my first quilt, all I have left is hand-sewing the binding!

Going to the Dane Co. Farmers Market tomorrow morning. Coffee, fresh flowers, hopefully some good veggies, and a chocolate longjohn. Yummm.

Going out to a nice Saturday night dinner with just the hubby.

Working in the yard and cleaning up the garage this weekend.

Spending tonight curled up on the couch and watching TV with Shawn while Walter snores away on his bed.

Lazy Sunday morning reading the papers while savoring some freshly brewed coffee.

Purchasing a food processor.

The wicked thunderstorm that should be here any minute.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!