This weekend:

Ah, the anticipation of a Friday afternoon. My work is done, now I just have to wait for the hubby to arrive home. It’s aallllmoooosst the weekend! Fortunately, there are no big plans. Here are a few of the things I am really looking forward to right now.

Finishing up my first quilt, all I have left is hand-sewing the binding!

Going to the Dane Co. Farmers Market tomorrow morning. Coffee, fresh flowers, hopefully some good veggies, and a chocolate longjohn. Yummm.

Going out to a nice Saturday night dinner with just the hubby.

Working in the yard and cleaning up the garage this weekend.

Spending tonight curled up on the couch and watching TV with Shawn while Walter snores away on his bed.

Lazy Sunday morning reading the papers while savoring some freshly brewed coffee.

Purchasing a food processor.

The wicked thunderstorm that should be here any minute.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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