1001 Days

The Mission: Complete a series preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

This is my fifth attempt at this project, however this time around I’m focusing on goals that are currently important to me, not necessarily a certain number. It includes some previous goals as well as some new ones. I will amend this list as needed.

Due Date: September 28, 2024.

  1. Read 100 Books:
  2. Go on Chicago Architectural Tour
  3. Take JWC to Disney World again
  4. Take JWC on a trip outside of the US
  5. Go to Hawaii
  6. Go to Napa with Shawn
  7. Go to a National Park
  8. Go to Las Vegas again with Shawn
  9. Go on a girls weekend
  10. Rent a cabin
  11. Rent an RV
  12. Go camping
  13. Complete 100 knitting projects
  14. Organize yarn stash and input into Ravelry
  15. Knit a sweater for JWCKnit a sweater for Shawn
  16. Complete a needlepoint project
  17. Complete a cross stitch project
  18. Get certified in CPR
  19. Get a safety deposit box
  20. Get a home safe
  21. Pay off credit cards
  22. Get a will/trust
  23. Get a bike
  24. Join a yoga studio
  25. Commission a painting of Walter
  26. Get remaining artwork framed
  27. Organize/edit digital photo library
  28. Organize/store photos from Instagram
  29. Create photo books of JWC using monthly blog posts (one for each year)
  30. Have professional family photos taken
  31. Make strawberry jam
  32. Make applesauce
  33. Make pasta from scratch
  34. Make homemade caramels
  35. Create a cookbook of family recipes
  36. Get a tattoo in memory of the twins
  37. Plant a tree in memory of the twins

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