This shawl is my first FO of 2020. The pattern is Armstrong by Cassie Munksgard. This shawl pattern is rather simple, but the color changes and combination of stockinette and garter stitch striping kept it interesting. I decided to forgo the tassels added to the tip, but otherwise followed the pattern as written. The yarn, Plucky Cozy DK, is a Merino and Camel blend that lives up to its name. Squishy and soft, it will definitely will be a cozy shawl to wear this winter. The color ways I used are Duck Egg, Aunt Hazel, and Cabin Fever. Full details of this project are on Ravelry.

Welcome Back

It has been almost 9 months since I posted here. There are many reasons why I stepped away from this space, but I’d rather leave those reasons back in 2019 and start fresh for 2020. I just published two “catch up” posts, just to record some highlight photos from Joseph and most of my knitting projects from last year. I also updated my 1001 Things in Pages which includes some changes to how I’ve participated this in the past.

I’m looking forward to being back in this space and sharing the upcoming year with you.

8 Years

Eight years have gone by. So much has happened during these past eight years, but this day still stings. I know it always will and I think that I am finally coming to terms with that. This is the first year that I have not had panic and anxiety leading up to today.  I know that is a good thing, but part of me feels guilty for it. My greatest fear is to forget, to no longer feel, to have them fall away from my mind and heart.


‘Perhaps they are not stars, but rather opening in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy’ -author unknown

Tonight, I will look up into the stars and know that you are both shining down on us. Happy 8th Birthday, Mary and Christopher. I love you, always.



Meet Debbie

debbieI made the decision this year to be more mindful with my crafting. This ranges from being more deliberate in planning what projects I take on and organizing my yarn stash and art supplies so that I know exactly what I have and will use to being more aware of wear my “craft dollars” are being spent. I’ll be going more in depth in lots of these areas, but for now, I wanted to share something I’m really excited about.

I’ve become a virtual shepherd or shepherdess (VS)  by supporting the “Follow My Fleece” project  on Patreon for Prado De Lana Sheep Farm. Each VS subscriber receives monthly updates through videos, live chats, personalized emails, and snail mail about your chosen sheep.  Contributions help Prado de Lana run their small farm, keep their flock healthy, and continue to educate about wool and rare breeds. Also as a VS, I’ll be sent yarn from my sheep  once she has been fleeced and the wool is spun into yarn.

The idea that if I forgo one or two lattes A MONTH I could support a small family-run farm that believes in sustainable agriculture practices, know where my yarn is sources, and get lots of sheepy-goodness in the bargain was a no brainer. So without further ado, meet Debbie!