Joseph 6.0

Another year has past and now I have a six year old. This year was a wonderful one, full of fun vacations, new adventures, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Watching you transform from a pre-schooler to a kindergartener has been amazing. Your love of school has continued to bloom. I love seeing your confidence grow while learning to navigate all the ins and outs of being in kindergarten. You dearly love your teachers and classmates, referring to them as “your friends.” Watching you form those friendships and expand your circle is something that I have wished for you for a long time.

Your academic skills continue to amaze us, but I am more proud that you use that knowledge to help your classmates and be a leader. Your interest in science continues, and the questions about geography, weather, space and the world around you are becoming more complex and in depth. I love your curiosity and always wanting to know the answer.

You are still always so busy with your toys, whether racing your cars and trucks, building with legos, or building track for all of your Thomas trains. Your love of reading continues to grow and I can often find you quietly curled up with a stack of books. Some of your favorites right now are Do Dragons Love Tacos, Lost and Found, and any book by Mo Williams.  You’ve started to enjoy athletics; playing soccer, taking gymnastic lessons, and continuing your swimming lessons. You also have joined scouts and are a Lion Cub this year. You and Dad have had so much fun together building rockets and winning the Pinewood Derby!

I am astounded by how much you have grown. You’ve lost six teeth so far this year and lost your baby face and chubby limbs, morphing into a boy with long limbs and pointy elbows. However, you are still quick to share hugs and kisses and ask to sit on my lap every day. I am so blessed to be able to witness you grow into an amazing, wonderful, human being.  Happy 6th Birthday, Joseph William, you are my sun and stars. Mommy loves you so very much.

Seven Years

Time marches on, yet I can still feel the ache. We recently sold the house in St. Charles and I had to face that box. I peeked inside and then fled, leaving Shawn to physically move it for me. It is now tucked away on a shelf, patiently waiting.

Your brother continues to be the light of our lives. He lives life so joyfully and full of exuberance, it is a lesson to me. Remembering to focus on the best in life, despite the ache, and to cherish it fully.

I so cherish those brief moments, now seven years ago, with both of you in this world, they are some the most precious I hold in my heart. I also cherish this ache, because it means that I remember the joy that you gave to me.

Happy Birthday, Mary and Christopher. We love you so.


I haven’t been posting much this year about my knitting, mostly because I’m working on some larger projects. Currently on the needles are two sweaters, a pair of socks, some fingerless mitts, and I just finished this shawl/wrap last week.

The pattern is Derecho by Laura Aylor using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn in Quill, Nickel, and Periwinkle. I loved the log cabin construction of the pattern, similar to those used in quilts, and thought it was perfect to join in on Fringe Association and Mason Dixon Knitting’s #fringeandfriendslogalong KAL (be sure to check out all the beautiful works on Instagram!)

I decided to make the large size of the pattern (over 66″ wingspan) and used a little more than three skeins of yarn. The Hazel Knits yarn is fantastically squishy, but still light and soft, so it’s not too bulky or heavy to wear. There’s also some subtle shifting in color in each, which adds a little more depth and richness to the stripes. The construction is quite clever, but not overly challenging, and was an easy knit to work on while in the car or watching tv. I’d like to make it again, but perhaps trying a variegated or hand-painted speckled yarn for a different effect.

As always, full details can be seen on my Ravelry page.

Knits of 2017


Nineteen pairs of socks (one not pictured), three pairs of mittens, and one scarf (also not pictured). Eventually I’ll take the time to figure out how many yards of yarn, but I’d venture a guess of around 10,000yds or so. Not too shabby. Looking forward to 2018 and a lot more knitting.

Sgt. Pepper Shorties

This is the final installment for #operationsockdrawer for 2017. I barely finished them in time, mostly due to focusing on gifted projects for the holidays. (I’ll share those in a separate post, now that they’ve all be received and opened.)

I decided to use up the leftover yarn from these and created my own pattern for a pair of short crew socks. I love my rollers, but these should stay on a little better when wearing shoes. Basic construction of a 2×2 rib and heel flap, they flew off the needles and used up every last bit of yarn.

You can read more about the yarn here and can find full project details on Ravelry.

Knitted Holiday 2017

This year I was able to knit five different gifts this year. It was pretty much down to the wire, and I still need to finish a second sock for my brother and complete another gift, but I’m pretty happy with how many I was able to give this year.


I made this pair of socks for my dad. For those that know my dad, he is not really a crazy colorful, striped sock guy, but the colors just reminded my so much of him and I wanted to make something special for him this year. Even if he just wears them around the house, it will make me happy.  I used Nomadic Yarn’s self striping sock yarn in “Meet Me in Montauk” with contrast heel/toe in Hazel Knit’s Artisan Sock in “Zest”.


I knitted this pair mittens for Joey’s kindergarten teacher. I used some wonderfully delicious Bello worsted yarn by The Plucky Knitter in “Weathered Plank” held double for the mitten and some ancient Bernat Multi Sox I had in my stash for the cuff.


You might remember these from #operationsockdrawer back in June. My sister Ashley saw me working on them when we went to see my sister Rozalyn’s concert and she loved them so much I decided to put them aside to give them to her for Christmas.


I gave this pair of mittens to my sister Rozalyn. She works at the University of Chicago Lab School, so I wanted to make her something to keep her warm on her walk to and from work each day. I used Sheep Shop Yarn Co.’s Sheep 2 super-bulky in “Robin’s Egg” (discontinued) for the mitten and Luna Gray’s Mishgashi and Yarn Love’s Peterson Park held double for the cuff. (Both are Wool & Honey’s yarn club exclusive colorways.)

I also knit a pair of socks for my mom that I forgot to photograph. They nearly identical  to this pair, but the the dye lot was different so it was a much lighter pink color.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the number of gifts I was able to make this year and hopefully I’ll be able to increase that number in 2018.




As always, full project details can be found on my Ravelry page.