Stripes and Speckled Rollers


Going down to the wire with the publishing . . . .November’s installment for #operationsockdrawer are languishing projects from earlier this year. This pattern is fantastic for using up those leftover bits and bobs of yarn from other projects and fly off the needles.  Full details will be on Ravelry shortly.

Most of this month’s knitting time has been devoted to secret Holiday knitting. More will be shared after they’ve been gifted! Only one more month left for #operationsockdrawer and I’m excited to cast on my final pair.


Sgt. Peppers Socks

October’s entry into #operationsockdrawer might be my new favorite pair. This amazing self-striping yarn is from Must Stash Yarns as part of her Beatlemania collection.  Didn’t she capture the colors perfectly?

I went with the simplest of designs so the yarn could really sing. (See what I did there?) Soft and squishy,  I know they’ll be on repeat once the weather cooperates. 

As always, full details can be seen on Ravelry

Wool & Honey Socks

September’s installment of #operationsockdrawer might be one of my favorites.  The yarn is an exclusive colorway for Wool & Honey from ScrupticousPurl. The colors gorgeously recall summer on Lake Michigan; the sandy shore and inky water, the sky and clouds. So pretty! The yarn itself is so cozy and warm, I know that they’ll be in heavy rotation this fall. 

Although I really can’t stand the yarn, I decided to use it for the contrasting heel/toe  since it was perfect match. (Plus, now I used it all and now it’s finally gone!) 

I used this ever-faithful pattern. Which I’ve memorized long ago. All the detail on Ravelry

I also finished another pair of Rollers. Such a great way to use up those leftovers and super quick to knit, they’re great to keep in the car to work on when waiting at school pick up or at music lessons. I’ve already cast on my third pair! 

Painted Trillium Socks

August’s edition of #operationsockdrawer are all about the yarn. Woolberry Fiber Co. Simple Sock in the Painted Trillium is an exclusive colorway made for Wool & Honey’s Sleep Bear Yarn Club.

 The photo doesn’t do this hand painted yarn justice. Fades from creamy white to blush with flecks ranging from fushia to a deep berry, I wanted a simple pattern to let the colors sing. I chose Vanilla Latte Socks, a simple 6×2 rib that gave it just enough interest while still being mindless enough for watching TV or while waiting at Joe’s music lessons. 

A Silver Anniversary and celebrating a Golden Age


I’ve been mulling over the events of last Saturday in an effort to find words that can convey the joy that filled my heart that day. It was a  day of time travel, tears of laughter, the warmest of hugs, and analog video.

So, some back ground information its needed to fully comprehend the significance of this day. First, our class never has had an official high-school reunion. This, along with a myriad of reasons, caused many of us to lose touch. Thankfully, Facebook was borne into this world and I was able to re-connect (however odd that social media connection might be) to many of the class of ’93. Second, one particular group of friends were wonderfully  creative  and made movies on what is now looked on as archaic video equipment that Hipsters of today would chop off their man-buns to get their hands on. Yes, in 1993 we were the geeky group making videos, but I prefer to believe that we were just ahead of our time. (cough, cough)

Fast forward 25 years and it was decided to celebrate this wonderful cinematic silver anniversary and have a viewing party. All original players were invited, a viewing would take place, and there would be much rejoicing.

I’m not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck heading there. Driving from Grand Rapids, I had three hours to obsess over seeing people I haven’t seen in literally a quarter of a century. Insecurities ticked away with the miles . . . reminding me that I no longer look like my 18 self. But when that door opened and I walked to that room, all of that completely left me. There was no room in my brain. All I could take in was the warm comforting love from so many people that, although I have not been with in many years, my heart remembered and cherished. We were reunited, and it felt so good. There were a few people present that I knew for all of my childhood. One going back as far as second grade. It is a blessing to be able to see them, hear their laughs, reminisce and remember. I am truly grateful for that day, and hope that we keep our promises the we will not wait until our Golden Anniversary to see each other again.