2022: my word of the year

Instead of a new year’s resolution, I’ve been choosing to find a word or phrase to focus on in the coming year.

The past two years has led to me, as well as many of us, to lead a very small life. Few people, fewer places, fewer experiences. This hasn’t been a bad thing. It has led me to distill out a lot that was either unhealthy or unnecessary causing me refocus and recenter.

However, I’ve recently felt a shift to where I’m feeling ready to be more. That is why I’ve chosen the word EXPAND to inspire me on this year’s journey and guide me in my intentions.

Expand – 1 · to open out : spread ; 2 · to increase in extent, number, volume, or scope ; 3 · to speak or write fully or in detail ; 4 · to feel generous or optimistic.

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