heroI recently received an iPad Mini from Shawn for my birthday. Amazing hubby, right? I wasn’t too sure at first about whether I wanted to keep it or not. I mean, I already have my iPhone and MacBook. Plus, we have a Mac desktop that is our “family computer” that I also use at times. Shawn has an iPad, and I never really got too interested in it. It felt too big and heavy to use, might as well get the laptop out, right?

Well, the Mini has converted me. It is the perfect size. Portable and light weight. So far I’ve mostly been using it for surfing the web, watching Netflix while crafting and putting a few apps on it for Joseph to play with instead of stealing my phone. It was really great to take to my parents for the week instead of lugging around my laptop and charger. My only complaint so far is getting used to typing and I’m not really in love with the cover I got for it. Otherwise, it’s been a great addition to my “gadget family!”

If you have any app recommendations, please let me know!

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