Joseph: 12 Months

Just typing that title took my breath away. How is this even possible? One year ago today yesterday you were born and now you are such a big boy at one years old! You make me laugh and shake my head at your silly ways. I am so lucky to be your mommy and I love you so very much. You truly are my sun and stars. Happy Birthday, Joseph William!


I’m one! I’m one! I’m one years old! This past year I have grown (and grown!) into a healthy, happy little boy. I am constantly babbling and singing all day long. I still love to read and mommy often finds me in my fort -behind daddy’s chair- flipping through all of my books. I still love my vacuum and push it around the house. Walter is my best friend, I wrestle and play with him all day. I am still not quite ready to walk, why should I when I can crawl so fast? I went sledding for the first time and although I was a bit nervous about going down the hill with mommy and my cousin Luke, I had a great time being dragged around the yard. I am so excited for my birthday party and continuing to grow so big and strong!


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