Recent Nap Time Projects

DSC04639I’d thought that I’d share some of my recent small sewing projects that I’ve done lately. This first one came about while I was playing around with some scraps in my fabric bin one day and decided to make myself a little “mug rug” for in my studio. I’ve seen a million of these made on other blogs before, so I just improvised with what I had on hand after deciding the approximate size I wanted it to be. Finished, it ended up being about 9″x13″, just the right size for a cup of coffee or small snack plate. It came together super fast, I completed it during one of Joseph’s naps!

I hate to admit it, but I really needed one of these. I am a bit clumsy sloppy unaware sometimes and will knock over my drink while working at my desk, or I’ll put it on a shelf, only to forget about it completely. This gives me a designated spot, keeps things tidy, has held up to several washings, and it bring a little more color into my space. Perfect.  DSC04640

Here’s another little project I whipped up one day during nap time. I made some blocks out of some pink scraps I had laying around and then used them to make some half-square triangles (HSTs) along with some left over white fabric I had on hand. I then figured out the pattern and stitched it up. The finished size is approximately 14″x19″ I’ll be hanging it on the wall in my studio for right now, but I might eventually make it into a throw pillow.


***forgive the atrocious photos. February in Ohio is as gloomy as they come, so the light was terrible. . . . not to mention I was too lazy to press things beforehand.***

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