Joseph’s First Haircut


Someone finally got a haircut. He’s been needing one for weeks now, but it took me a while to convince Shawn to do it. (He has a touch of hair envy.) So Saturday we went to Cookie Cutters and braved the scissors. I have to say that I was quite the proud momma, he did so well and didn’t shed one tear. He even hugged his barber, MerriLynn. She was so sweet and talented (I couldn’t imagine trying to do her job) I almost hugged her myself. Now Joseph looks less like a sheep dog and more like my little guy.

DSC04644Checking it all out.



A little more off the top, please.

DSC04665Hugs for MerriLynn.


I can’t believe he say still for the clippers.

DSC04667Checking out the new ‘do.

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