Undocumented Gifts

IMG_2533I was sitting here thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to show off some recent projects that I made? Then I realized that I didn’t photograph ANY of them. Ugh. Normally, I am fairly good about getting a shot or two of a finished project before giving it to the recipient. Recently, however, I have failed miserably.

I overlooked several projects at Christmas: a knitted hat for my nephew, two pairs of socks for my mom, and a made a quilt for my younger sister Ashley, none of them photographed. I partially redeemed myself by getting a quick shot of Mikey’s and Roz’s quilts.

I just gave our friends a hand-knit receiving blanket as well as some bibs and burp clothes that I made and, once again, I didn’t take one finished photo. Blarg! I was really happy with how they turned out, too.

I vow to be better about documenting my projects more and sharing them with you. I actually have a couple of small things that I’ve done recently that I haven’t shared yet, so I am going to find the time to get some decent shots of them and put them up here. Now, if I could only find my camera charger. . . .

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