Operation Sock Drawer: Seaside Stockings 

I decided to participate in #operationsockdrawer for 2017, with the goal of knitting twelve pairs of socks that are just for me. I usually gift the socks I knit (looking at you mom) instead of keeping them for myself, but I’ve decided to be a bit selfish this year. 

The goal is to finish a pair per month, which should be reasonable since I tend to work on something most nights while watching tv or while traveling. 

January’s are complete, although I am cheating a bit since I cast on the first sock in December. I used some long-hoarded Anuzula Squishy (since 2010!) in the Seaside colorway. It’s gorgeous and so soft. The color is hard to capture on film, but it’s a griege-stone-putty color with a slight variation that perfectly captures the color of wet sand. I went with a simple stockinette stitch so the yarn could really be the star of the show.  

I’m finishing up a secret project (I’ll be sharing later) and hoping to cast on my next pair by the end of the week. 

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