Ashley’s Lined Mittens I made a scarf for my sister, Ashley, as a Christmas gift. (Forgetting to take a photo of it before gifting it to her.) I had some leftover yarn from the project, so I decided to make her a matching pair of mittens. I used the pattern  “World’s Simplest Mittens” by Tin Can Knits and Sheep Shop 2 Yarn. (Full details in Ravelry.)

Ashley is an amazing pastry chef who lives downtown in Chicago, so he has to deal with the awful, windy winters there. I wanted to make sure she was toasty warm on her commute, so I added a liner using some charcoal gray sock yarn I had in my stash.  This will be a little softer on those hardworking hands that the outer mitts and will help insulate them again the cold. I hope she enjoys them!


*This also crosses off one of my 101 Things List.

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