Pixy Stix

June’s edition of #operationsockdrawer is pretty early due to some marathon car knitting over Memorial Day weekend. 

I have to admit that these my be my favorite so far this year. The yarn is from the very talented The Lemonade Shop (she also dyed the yarn for my Alternative Facts) in the Pixy Stix colorway. This yarn is soft and squishy while still having great stitch definition and strength. I love the subtle rainbow speckling on the creamy white background. Perfect to accent, but not overpower, the simple lace patterning. The pattern is Tadpoles by Jenna Swanson. It was the perfect traveling knit, easy enough to memorize while still holding interest, and it was a bit addicting seeing each twist take shape. I’ll definitely use it again. As always, full details are on Ravelry

Scarlet & Gray Crews

May’s installment for #operationsockdrawer was inspired by a stash dive. I have a relatively small amount of stashed yarn, but some of it is ancient. I had two skeins of Koigu Premium Merino, one scarlet and one gray, that I bought at Purl Soho back in 2010, I think. In honor of that trip, I decided to use their Striped Crew Sock pattern. I modified it by shortening the cuff to 4″ ( I just couldn’t handle the 1×1 ribbing with alternating yarn for much longer) and alternating the main color for the toes/heels. As always, full details are on Ravelry

After finishing and blocking, they are tucked into my sock drawer, awaiting college football season. 

April’s Alternative Facts 

April’s edition of #operationsockdrawer is complete. I decided to use The tried-and-true Silver’s Sock Class pattern, since I would be working on these while traveling and I have it memorized. I also wanted something rather simple to showcase this gorgeous yarn. I picked it up at Michigan Fibre Studio when they were having a trunk show for The Lemonade Shop, a Colorado-based Indy yarn dyer. I love her fun use of color and great names for her yarns. This colorway is Alternative Facts. Complete details can be for be on Ravelry

March Martian Rainbows

March’s socks for Operation Sock Drawer are complete. I absolutely loved this self-striping sock yarn from Must Stash Yarn & Fiber. The color-way is Martian Rainbow, hence the name for this month. It was a bit addicting to watch the colors emerge (thrilling, I know) and blend from one to the next. This was a “perfect match” yarn, meaning that the skein was split in two and matched, making it possible to make the stripes align for both socks.  I used the Smooth Operators Socks by Susan B. Anderson. This is a top-down construction with an afterthought heel. (Full details on Raverly.)

Joe was quite enamored with these while I was working on them, wanting to have them for himself. Since I had enough leftover yarn, I decided to knit up a pair just for him. Finished just in time for his birthday.

Amethyst Socks

Here’s the February installment of #operationsockdrawer2017. Named Amethyst for the gorgeous color of this Barrett Wool Co. yarn (Pepin colorway) and as a nod to February’s birthstone. This color was so difficult to photograph, but trust me when I say it is a true, deep amethyst purple. Gorgeous. 

This was my first attempt knitting a toe up sock and using the magic loop method instead of DPNs. I used this pattern, but added the cables for some interest. I love the the magic loop method, will definitely use it again, but not a fan of the heel construction. Might have to look for a different version, because I did like this construction. (Complete details can be found on Ravelry.)

I finished these mid-February, but it took time for me to block and photograph them. I’m already on my second sock for March. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I might be able to bang out two pairs for that month. Or I might try to take on something new, we’ll see. 

Fly the W Socks: Finished

Originally posted in Instagram, I wanted to record here these wonderful socks now that they’ve finally been blocked and finished.  (Full details on Ravelry) 

I started knitting these socks at the start of the Cubs post-season play. Filled with excitement and anxiety, it helped to keep my hands busy while watching the games. We kept advancing and I kept knitting. Every stitch is filled with joy, fear, anxiety, elation. Amazingly, I finished them at the end of the 9th inning. . . and the rest is history. 

Ashley’s Lined Mittens

https://wordpress.com/post/widdershins22.comSo I made a scarf for my sister, Ashley, as a Christmas gift. (Forgetting to take a photo of it before gifting it to her.) I had some leftover yarn from the project, so I decided to make her a matching pair of mittens. I used the pattern  “World’s Simplest Mittens” by Tin Can Knits and Sheep Shop 2 Yarn. (Full details in Ravelry.)

Ashley is an amazing pastry chef who lives downtown in Chicago, so he has to deal with the awful, windy winters there. I wanted to make sure she was toasty warm on her commute, so I added a liner using some charcoal gray sock yarn I had in my stash.  This will be a little softer on those hardworking hands that the outer mitts and will help insulate them again the cold. I hope she enjoys them!


*This also crosses off one of my 101 Things List.

Operation Sock Drawer: Seaside Stockings 

I decided to participate in #operationsockdrawer for 2017, with the goal of knitting twelve pairs of socks that are just for me. I usually gift the socks I knit (looking at you mom) instead of keeping them for myself, but I’ve decided to be a bit selfish this year. 

The goal is to finish a pair per month, which should be reasonable since I tend to work on something most nights while watching tv or while traveling. 

January’s are complete, although I am cheating a bit since I cast on the first sock in December. I used some long-hoarded Anuzula Squishy (since 2010!) in the Seaside colorway. It’s gorgeous and so soft. The color is hard to capture on film, but it’s a griege-stone-putty color with a slight variation that perfectly captures the color of wet sand. I went with a simple stockinette stitch so the yarn could really be the star of the show.  

I’m finishing up a secret project (I’ll be sharing later) and hoping to cast on my next pair by the end of the week. 



Stalled. That is exactly how I am feeling right now. At least, creatively. I sit here at my work table staring out the window and listening to the rain patter against the pane, wasting precious nap-time freedom. I cannot get excited about any of the projects I currently have going, nor am I interested in starting something new. Everything is “Meh” to me. Soon, too soon, I will hear the rustle of stuffed animals and the babble that will turn into shouts of “Mom” over the monitor and I’ll be summoned back to the world of diapers and board books, cheerios and sippy cups, puzzle pieces and sticky fingers. Why am I wasting this precious time? Oh creative Muse, please push me forward and get me out of Neutral while I still have this moment to call my own.

Joseph’s First Birthday Party: Favors & Decorations


I’ve been meaning to share a bit of what I ended up doing for Joseph’s birthday party. For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed that we were having a “Friendly Monster” theme. I had an overwhelming amount of ideas for what to do. After considering the limited amount of time I had available, I distilled it down to these few things to focus on.

I made an “Adopt A Monster” bin, having each child bring home a little guy as part of the favor bag. I fell in love with this idea when I first saw it, and knew that if I only did one homemade thing for the party, this was it. I already had this pattern, and they were fairly quick to make. I decided to use fleece that I found in the remanent bin at JoAnn’s, however, these would be just as cute in different fabrics.

I also made up the “Monster Eggs” bags. I got a ton of jelly beans -yes, I picked out all of the black ones! – and portioned them out in glassine treat bags. Then I took some card stock and stamped the lettering on there, added a sticker, and voila!

I also made some of the garland to hang using this simple tutorial. I bought some tissue paper on clearance and used some yarn I had already on hand to string it up. Shawn and I got them all made in one evening watching TV. I was so happy with how it looked and it cost me pennies!


Last but not least, I printed out each of Joe’s monthly photos and used spray adhesive to attach them to some canvases I got on sale at the craft store. Shawn and my dad hung them all for me using 3M hooks. I actually still have them up for right now, I love looking at them.



All this being said, I really could have gone overboard on the craftiness. I think that is a side effect of Pinterest, all these wonderful ideas and beautiful photos, you get to the point where you think you are crazy if you DON’T make a million individual cupcakes and matching paper drinking straws to your homemade origami napkins. These are the things that I wanted to do, however I also augmented my decorating with store bought banners, balloons, and used fabric yardage as a table cloth. I also farmed out the food to a caterer (pasta and italian beef sandwiches) which cost less than buying everything and making it myself, not to mention saving me from a mental break down in the kitchen the night before the party while I wept into the spaghetti sauce. (Ahem. . . it’s happened.) I also ordered his cake from a bakery. I was getting where I was panicked about making it “perfect” and Shawn looked at me and said something along the lines of “You’re nuts, order a damn cake.” Thank God for that man. It was delicious and adorable and I didn’t have to freak out trying to make the monsters “cute enough” or that it would list to one side like a drunken sailor.

All in all, I was super happy with the party. All the people we love were there to help us celebrate Joseph’s first year and that is all that really mattered.