Joseph 3.7

Well, I’m all settled into a routine at school, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t having fun. The weather has been really warm, so I’ve been playing a lot outside – and eating lots of ice cream- while I still can.   

I’m really enjoying school. My favorites are going to the library, science, “gross motor play” – which mom says is gym class, and of course recess. 
   We went to visit a farm and got to pet all the animals, dig in the garden, go on a hay ride, and check out some cool old tractors. I also got to climb inside a fire truck!  

I’m a big helper around the kitchen. My favorite recipes are banana bread and chocolate chip cookies and pizza.  
  Mom and dad took me to the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival last weekend. It was awesome! I rode all the big guy rides with Dad, my favorites were the “Spinning Dragons” and the “Flying Bobs” – the faster the better! 


Hope everyone is having a fantastic Fall!

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