Joseph 3.6

How is it possible that six months have gone by since my birthday? I guess that time really does fly when your having fun. And talk about fun!? This summer was awesome! We did so much and had so much fun, that I told mom it was okay to take a little vacation from writing my monthly posts. But, just like I had to start going to school, she needed to start up again. Besides, what else is she going to do while I’m there?

This past month we really packed in as much as possible. We went got back from our trip to Ohio and just kept going. Lot’s of pool time, trips to Lincoln Park Zoo, the park, getting ice cream, not to mention  . . . I MET THOMAS! It was the best day ever in my whole life. I got to RIDE Thomas and Percy, meet Sir Topham Hatt, see all sorts of trains, and play with all things Thomas. I want to go do it again (I ask EVERY day!) but mom said that he had to go back to the island of Sodor.


Seriously, how cool is that!? I got a picture with Thomas!! The even spoke to me and tooted his whistle. It was the best!

And of course I have to mention that I started preschool this year. Am I getting to be a big boy or what? I really love it so far. My teachers are so nice and fun. We get to great things like play outside every day, do science experiments, go to the library, play with blocks and puzzles, and a million other things. I just had my school pictures taken last week, mom can’t wait to see them!Some of my favorite things right now are to read books, do puzzles, and play with trains, cars, and blocks. I am really loving to watch the movie Cars and play with Lightening McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the guys from Radiator Springs. Paw Patrol, Chuggington, and Odd Squad are some of my favorite shows at the moment. I am also super into wishing everyone a happy birthday (even if it isn’t) and singing in the car.

Looking forward to what Fall has to bring!

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