101 Things: 38, 49, 50, & 86

10341454_10203893789690967_2824143416388716529_n 1493150_10203853428321958_1883414555572591565_n

Both 38. Take Joe to the beach and  86. Take Joe on a plane were crossed off when we went on our trip to Hilton Head, SC.  He was a champ on the plane and at the airport. Thank goodness! As for the beach, technically, this was his second time there, but he was too little last year to really enjoy it. He absolutely loved the sand and waves. I can’t wait to bring him back again.

49. Get new business cards – done. Ordered and updated with new address.

50. Get new address stamp -done. I loved my old one so much, I got the same one with the new address for the house.


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