101 Things: 50. Purchase address stamp

il_570xN.427086526_owihI know this might seem fairly trivial, but I’ve been wanting a personalized address stamp for quite some time. I am rather tired of using the “free” labels that I receive from donating to certain charities, so I did some research and decided to purchase one fromLemon Tree Paper Co. This husband and wife team, based in Nashville, create some amazing custom stationery, party invitations, and stamps. I only wish that they were around back when I was planning our wedding.


I chose the Remington style for our address (see above) I love the combination of fonts and how the design reads both modern and contemporary. Plus “The Colleys” just sounds awesome, right?

I decided to go with a hand stamp rather than a self-inking one (they other both options) so I could change inks based on what I was addressing -I’m already dreaming about using metallic ink for Christmas cards and red for Valentine’s Day. Plus, it will make paying the bills a little bit less painful when I get to use this lovely stamp to address those nasty tasting envelopes.



 photos courtesy of Lemon Tree Paper Co.



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