Joseph 17 Months

DSC04968Guess who’s walking? This guy! I’ve been toddling around for almost a month now and I am getting faster every day. Now that I’m up off the ground, I have a whole new perspective and can find so many more things to destroy explore.

I really love to be outside and play now that the weather isn’t too hot. Mommy takes me for walks all through the yard so I can stop and say Hi to the trees and flowers.

I am still quite the bookworm and have started to point at letters so I can “read” them. My favorite letters are O, A, C, and E. (Well, those are the ones I say anyways.)

We went to visit grandma and grandpa in Chicago for a week! I had so much fun at their house. We got to swim in the pool, play outside, and even sit on grandpa’s lawnmower!


Enough with the camera, Mom, I’m trying to watch Super Why! 

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