Dream Year 2013: September Wrap Up

Apologizes on the lateness of this post. Things have been quite the whirlwind around here, so posting has taken a back seat. I’m hoping that I can get back on track for the rest of this month. So, here’s the quick and dirty version of September:

  • Team Colley is in full effect now that Shawn has been incorporated into the daily routine. I think that we’ve found a good balance with being full-time with Joe and running the house. We still need to find some more “couple” time, but we’ve been busy with traveling to see family, so that has taken a bit of a back seat. Date Nights need to come back.
  • Joe is a rough-and-tumble toddler that is taking full advantage of having both of us home. Shawn and I have started doing some activities with him by ourselves, both to get some one-on-one quality time as well as giving the other person a little time for themselves.
  • Creatively, I’ve been really enjoying pursuing things with Stella & Dot. I’m proud to say that I met my goal of hitting the higher commission rate my first month in! I love being able to have something adult to call my own and I think that it’s given me confidence and motivation to grow. I’ll be posting more on this later.
  • Physically, it’s been a battle to get in exercise with all the travel and commitments this past month, but Shawn and I are really working together as a team with watching our diet.

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