Joseph: 19 Months



This month I continue to impress mom and dad with all that I can do. I know my letters and numbers and can point out colors and shapes. My favorite right now are the color yellow and stars.

I color a lot at the kitchen island while mommy and daddy cook. I really like sitting up high in my booster seat. I can see what everyone is up to now!

Playing outside and helping in the garden is so much fun. I pick the tomatoes for mommy, but I don’t really like to eat them. I take a bite and then hand them over.


My social calendar is quite full lately. I’ve been going to the zoo with daddy, play time at the rec center with mommy, visiting different playgrounds and swim lessons! I also love to go visit my friends Lola and James to play.

Mommy and Daddy got me a tent and a tunnel to play in. I love to read books in my tent and drag the tunnel all throughout the house. I also have fun doing puzzles at my new play table. It’s just my size!

My favorite show right now is “Follow That Bird” I love to watch it every day and sing along to all the songs. Mommy and Daddy know all the words, too! I still like Super Why, Sesame Street, and Thomas, but nothing gets me quite as excited as when when “Big Bird” movie starts.

I got to visit Grammy Colley and see my great-grandparents and the rest of the family. It was fun to run around Grammy’s house and play in the kitchen. I think I surprised everyone by how tall I am and what I can reach!

I’m looking forward to going to pick out a pumpkin, more visits to the zoo, and playing outside for as long as the weather will let me. Oh, and don’t forget Halloween!





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