Joseph: 18 Months

I’m 1 1/2 years old!


This month I’ve been really chattering away and learning so many things. I’ve started to recognize some colors and love pointing them out to mom and dad. I am learning the letters of the alphabet, how to count to ten, and know my shapes. Stars are a current favorite of mine.

I really like to color with my crayons and to use chalk on the sidewalk and on the chalkboard. I’m left-handed, so sometimes this can get a little messy, but I’m having lots of fun.

DSC04980Reading books is this my jam. Some of my current favorite books are Goodnight Gorilla, Pony Brushes His Teeth, and Roadwork. I also have overcome my fear of Thomas the Tank Engine and really like to play and watch “Choo Choos” a lot.

I had a great time going to visit Grandma and Grandpa again. We swam in the pool and played outside a ton. My cousin Luke and I had a blast going to the playground and bouncing on the air mattress. He even let me play with his hockey stuff!

I’m really happy that daddy is around more. We have so much fun together and I get to impress him with all that I can do. We love to “get tough” and wrestle together, plus he lets me do things that mommy won’t let me do!


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