Dream Year 2013: August Re-Cap

  • Physically, I’m hanging in there. I started doing the Couch to 5K program again, however having family in town, battling a heat wave, and having a root canal (!) at the end of the month through me a bit off track. Going to recommit for September.
  • Creatively, I’ve been throwing all my efforts into my Stella & Dot business. I’m super excited to celebrate with an upcoming “Launch Party Trunk Show.”  (More on this later.)
  • Baby wrangling has been going well, Joe is always quite the handful, but I’m so enjoying him at this stage. He is a ball of energy, curiosity, and fun. Things have also been a bit easier with Shawn around.
  • Relationship-wise, things have been going as well as can be expected with Shawn being home now. We’re working to find a new routine and not step on each other’s toes. I think that we definitely need to plan some date nights as well as some time with our friends to help keep us sane.

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