The New Normal

Things have been pretty quiet on the old blog lately do to a recent shake up here for Team Colley. Two weeks ago Shawn’s position was eliminated at Tween Brands and he is no longer employed with the company.

They gave him a generous “exit package” so we are currently okay financially and are covered by insurance while he seeks a new position. Which is a major relief. However, our world has otherwise been turned upside down. Joseph and I had a fairly good routine going on for a while and now that Shawn is home with us all day, we are trying to figure out a “new normal” for us. In ways, this has been great; Shawn has been able to have some real quality time with Joe, things are a bit easier in wrangling him with us both around to do it, we’ve been able to get some things done around the house that we never seem to have time for, and I’ve been able to have a bit more time working on launching Stella & Dot.

The flip side is that we’re tripping over each other in doing things around the house, arguing over the “right” way to do things, and are still getting comfortable being around each other in this new way. Of course you add in the anxiety and stress of not knowing what the future holds and it can lead to some hairy moments.

All in all though, I think that we’re starting to find our new groove with things and are looking forward to what the future may hold. We know that as long as Team Colley stays together, we can get through anything.



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