Joseph 13 Months

I’m not doing an “official” portrait any more, but I thought I’d still record his monthly photo and give a brief update on how he continues to grow and change.


I’m a big boy now, over one year old! I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with my family and friends.

This month I’ve really improved in language and comprehension. I understand so much if what people say to me and can do many things when asked. I’m also adding new words to my vocabulary every day.

I love this warm weather because now I can go outside! Riding in my wagon and stroller are so much fun! I also love it when mom blows bubbles for me. I try really hard to do it, but mostly end up eating the bubble wand.

Books are still my jam, but a close second is playing music on my piano or record player and “dancing” to any music I hear. I can really groove!

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