Dream Year 2013: March Re-cap

March was a difficult month, let’s break it down and get on with April!

  • Mentally, it was a roller coaster. With the twins’ day, Joseph’s 1st birthday, and a 10 day trip out to my parents, I was feeling pretty mentally exhausted by the end of the month. Not to mention the crap weather we had, blue skies and normal spring temps will definitely elevate my mood.
  • Physically, I stink. I started out doing really well before we left for Chicago, but the wheels fell off by the time I got back. I’m trying not to beat myself up about this, but just going to move forward.
  • Good news, I finally got my shoes! (Let’s not discuss whether I’ve broken them in yet. Moving on.)
  • Relationship wise, I feel like I took out a lot of stress on Shawn this month, but we were able to turn things around towards the end. I think that there is a direct relation to the amount of time we spend together (without Joseph) be it hanging out watching Duck Dynasty or going out on our Date Nights and how well we do in general.
  • Craftiness was entirely spent on Joe’s birthday. I’ll share more about that soon, but let’s just say I am glad I have another 11 months before I have to do that again.

BTW: Shawn’s birthday was on the 28th, Happy Birthday to the best man I know. I love you, honey!

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