Moon Juice Cleanse: Wrap Up

rainbowcleanse01Well, the original plan was to do a seven day juice cleanse with Moon Juice. Unfortunately, there were some shipping issues (FedEx in Columbus leaves a lot to be desired) and we decided to cut it short after four days. Honestly, I was a bit relieved to cut it off then. I can only survive for so long on juices, no matter how tasty.

Here’s what I took away from the experience:

  • I was surprised at how easy this was. I was not hungry and actually got to the point where I couldn’t drink all seven juices in a day because I was full. I did not feel like I was starving and was quite comfortable. 
  • I need more protein to get through the day. I was exhausted by 7pm and ready for bed. If you have an active lifestyle -or are chasing babies all day- I’d recommend having an additional amount of protein than just the one Almond Milk or maybe chill out more (if possible) while you are juicing.
  • Variety is key. If I had to drink the same thing every day, I would have quit after 24 hours.
  • I cannot live without coffee. If that means I am addicted, so be it. I need that fuel to keep up with Joseph and not have to nap when he does in order to make it through the day.
  • I can see incorporating juicing into our everyday diet, it was a great way to get in fruits and veggies and was great to be able to just chug down a “meal” while baby wrangling.
  • I was surprised how little dishes and trash we had for this time! That was another little bonus.
  • I need to drink more liquids in the day. Period.
  • This made me really look at what I was eating during a normal day and motivated us to eat healthier and smarter that we have been currently.

All in all, I would definitely do this again, but only for a 3 day period. I don’t think I could last that long without and solid foods, not to mention coffee, without feeling slightly crazy.

If you are interested in the Rainbow Cleanse that we participated in, or another type of juice cleanse, I highly recommend you check out Moon Juice!

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