Joseph: 10 Months

Double digit months!

DSC04629 I am always on the move. I crawl everywhere possible and cruising around on furniture. I have even started to attempt walking by pushing around my high chair and play table. I want to climb the stairs every chance I get, however going back down them still escapes me.

Walter and I are best friends and playmates. I can say his name and smile and laugh whenever I see him. We share toys and wrestle and give each other hugs.

DSC04632I love music and “dance” when I hear a good song and bounce on my toy donkey. I am obsessed with the vacuum and chase it around whenever mommy or daddy turn it on. I love it so much that I often open the closet and visit and talk to it. I still love to read and love my pop up books the best. I can work them myself!

I started swimming class with daddy and it is so much fun! I yell and laugh while splashing daddy in the pool. I also splash around in my bath and play with the bubbles.

I can say even more words now: book, bubbles, Walter, up, and bottle. I make lots of silly noises and sometimes sing with mommy. I can yell really loud, but haven’t really figured out how to whisper.

This month I saw snow for the first time. I wasn’t too sure about it, but I liked being outside and watching Walter catch snowballs and seeing daddy use the snowblower.

Only a couple more and someone will be a year old. . . .oh my!


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