Soakin’ Wet Saturday

Today we had torrential downpours in lovely Madison. Storms started at about 8 AM and continued pretty much all day long. This didn’t stop the hubby and I from running errands for most of the day, although we did make a pit stop at the LE Inlet for a rain coat for me!

First stop was to pick up some beer from Steve’s. I can’t believe that I actually escaped from that lovely place without buying some wine. Only a solitary six pack of New Glarus Spotted Cow. How is this possible?

Next was on to Barnes & Noble, where Shawn was on the look out for a new Che book to add to his collection. It hasn’t yet hit the shelves there, so he settled for Living with Color instead. (Not sure where that he is going with that one, but I am sure that I will enjoy it as well.)

I got sucked into the vortex of knitting books while I was there. Of course, I did not make it out unscathed. I picked up Son of Stitch N Bitch and Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I already have the original SNB book, it was one of my main resources while teaching myself to knit. I lurved it! Son of SNB is somewhat focused on knitting projects for men, but I feel that they are pretty unisex. Just a change in the color or type of yarn, and I think that I could girly them up, if needed. I really like some of their sweater patterns, which I am working up my nerve to try. They are relatively simple and straight forward, so I think that I can handle it. I picked the second because I really fell in love with the photography of the projects. They all had luscious colors and beautiful, simple lines. Right up my alley. It is also very thoughtfully written with lots of hints and tips, without sounding at all jargony. It even groups the projects by the time needed to complete them! I am hoping that it will help me with future gift ideas for family and friends. Now I just need to stop at the local yarn store to get some yarn for all these ideas!

After B&N, we decided to look at some cars! Dear Smokey is getting up in miles, over 115,600, so it is getting to be about that time that we put him out to pasture. I am not 100% sure what model I want right now, but it has to be AWD (a must for WI winter weather!) and good gas mileage. This will also be the car I have when Team Colley has kiddos, so it will need to be super-safe and have decent cargo room for schlepping around strollers and whatnot. I do not want a gigantic SUV, but no Speck either. Hmmm. Today we looked at some Jeeps, since Smokey was so good to me, and also the Honda CR-V. Although I am a Jeep-loving woman, I have to admit that I was really impressed with the CR-V. It was way more roomy than I though, and it was quite fun to drive. It is leading the pack right now, but I feel I need to do some more research before I commit. Any and all suggestions are most welcome!

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