Idle time leads to Etsying

Today has been a lazy day. More rain, so the hubby and I are staying inside. Read all three of the papers this morning with some delicious coffee. Then we have been puttering about the house. I read some of my new knitting books and have decided that I am going to start that baby blanket project this week. I also did some internetting, which led me to Etsy, which led me to purchases. ;0)

I picked up these pretty red earrings from Sulu. Aren’t they great? I think that they’ll be perfect for summer. Just the right pop of color. Plus they were only $12! Woo hoo!

I also picked up a lovely, handmade knitting needle organizer from sarahkincheloe, isn’t it sweet? I have been looking for something where I can stash my growing collection of knitting needles and assorted notions. I have seen other needle rolls in stores and online, but they were either ugly, too bulky, or not large enough. This is perfect because it has a gazillion pockets for everything. Straight needles, DPNs, and even circulars. Yeah!

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