Knitting Fool

I have really taken off with the knitting. I really enjoy doing it while watching TV in the evening. It is relaxing, yet productive at the same time. Now I can make awesome items for myself and the people I love while enjoying LOST or Project Runway. Plus it makes me feel a little less guilty about watching some trashy TV ;0)

Adding another level to the addiction, I have joined Raverly, an online community for knitting and crochet. The site allows you to search for patterns, track your progress on current projects, organize your yarn and needles, and lets you queue up projects you’d like to work on in the future. There are also forums where you can get advice, something I really look to since I have no real resources here other than nice people at the yarn store. I just finished this easy pattern for dish clothes. I whipped them up in a few nights and will be giving them to my mom for Mother’s Day!

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