Joseph 2.2


This month, mom and dad bought me a new house! They are getting it ready before we move in, but I like it just the way it is. No furniture so I can run all over and have plenty of room to play with my trains! I also have a great yard I like to explore, i can’t wait to be able to play every day there.


I am so happy the weather is finally better. I help Grandpa and Dad with the yard work. I get to ride on Grandpa’s tractor and dad gave me a ride in the wheelbarrow. I also climbed up a huge mountain of mulch!


Right now mommy, dad, and I are on vacation at the beach. I flew on an airplane for the first time, mom and dad said I was a pro! The ocean and sand are the best ever, I could make sand castles all day. Plus, there’s a pool right outside we can swim in. I never want to leave.



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