Joseph: 15 Months


I have had so much fun this past month! I went on my first family vacation and got to see the ocean for the first time. I loved the waves and splashing in the surf. We got to go on lots of walks and played in the pool everyday.

I am still jabbering away and like to sing to myself and with mommy. I am SO close to walking. I will walk anywhere holding mummy’s fingers and “walk” on my knees too. I just like to crawl because that’s the faster way to get around.

DSC04896All of my first year molars are in, but now I’m working on my upper eye teeth! The tips have just broken through, but I’m constantly chewing on my fingers. I am really tired of getting new teeth, but it makes eating a lot easier. some of my favorite foods are blueberries, watermelon, daddy’s pancakes, and pizza.

I love reading my books, playing with my “bike” and going for rides in my wagon. Bath time is still the best time of day because I get to splash and play with my boats. The vacuum and I are still going strong and Walter and I wrestle every day. Mommy gave me my first job, to give Walter his treat when he comes inside.

I am looking forward to some more summer fun and learning more things!


****Mommy actually had this post ready to go on my actual 15 month birthday, but she was so tired that she forgot to upload it. *****

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