101Things: 88. plant a vegetable garden


I’ve been wanting to put in a vegetable garden for so long. We had one at our old house in Columbus before we moved to Madison and I absolutely loved it. Then we moved to Madison and we were so busy with building our house and getting the landscaping in that I never got a chance to put in a plot before we moved back. I struck a deal with Shawn last Fall that if we were to have the sprinkler system installed, I would get my garden put in that following Spring.

I decided to have it put in our side yard next to the end of the driveway and the side/mudroom entrance to the house. It will get all day sun here and will be conveniently close to the garage and mud room entrance for grabbing tools and cleaning up.

Here’s what I put in for our first crop:

  • Tomatoes: one grape tomato plant, two roma for canning, and one heirloom.
  • Peppers: two sweet banana peppers, one jalapeño, and one green pepper.
  • One zucchini plant
  • Bush beans

I’ll probably do a second season of beans once these are done and then maybe throw in some cauliflower and broccoli for late season. I also put in marigolds around the border to help with any unwanted bugs, plus it gives it a little color.

I’m so happy to have a garden again! I love the memories I have of my and my sister helping my mom in her HUGE garden growing up and I can’t wait to make new memories with Joe. I’ll update you on how things grow as the season progresses!

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