Joseph: 14 Months



I continue to grow and grow! I am getting taller and losing a bit of my baby chubbiness. I am still not ready to walk, but I make up for it in climbing everything in my way.

I love to be outside, taking walks, wagon rides, and exploring the yard. I love to smell and touch flowers with mommy, too.

I jabber away, constantly talking to myself, Walter, or mommy and daddy. I also like to sing and dance whenever the mood strikes me, which is quite often!

I’m currently working on getting all four of my molars at once! They are all half-way through, thank goodness. I am tired of being in pain and so drooly and looking forward to being able to eat a wider array of food.

My favorite toys right now are my record player, puzzles, and my new firetruck. I still love to read all my books and, of course, my beloved vacuum. Mommy is hoping I’ll start to clean the carpets soon, but I think I’ll just push it around and play with it in the coat closet for a while longer.


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