My Moon Juice Menu


Due to a slight delay in shipping, we ended up starting our Moon Juice cleanse on Wednesday. We chose to do the Rainbow Cleanse – a choice of seven juices plus an Almond Milk per day.

Here’s the juice that I chose:

Beet Aid – contains beet, lime, and cucumber. This was a bit disappointing, since it really only tastes like cucumber to me. However, it’s very light and refreshing. For blood building, kidney flushing, and creating stamina.

Carrot, Lime, & Coconut – contains carrot, coconut meat, lime, and ginger. Yum! I like carrot juice and the lime and ginger add a nice zing. For fat flushing, virus fighting, and body strengthening.

Celery Cilantro Punch – contains cilantro, celery, green apple, lemon, ginger. Not one of my favorites. It started okay but hard to finish tasted mostly of celery. Grassy aftertaste. For heavy metal detoxifying, calming nerves and fighting infections.

Gingered Lemon -contains ginger, lemon, green apple.  Zippy! Like strong ginger beer, but not fizzy. Would be great as a cocktail mixer. For detoxifying, tummy soothing, energy, and immunizing.

Goodness Greens- contains kale, dandelion, parsley, spinach, celery. Traditional green juice. Like drinking a salad, but in a good way. For healing, stimulation, mood lifting and alkalization.

Tumeric Gold – contains tumeric root and red apple. Yum! Apple with an earthy spice. This one my be my favorite. For anti-oxidizing, pain killing, and boosting metabolism.

Spiced Yam – contains garnet yams, carrot, red apple, cinnamon, and ginger. Another yummy one. Add a little whiskey and it would be a perfect fall cocktail. For balancing hormones, brain power, heart protection, and mineralization.

Almond Milk – contains unpasteurized almonds, mountain salt, raw, wildflower honey, and alkaline, mineralized, oxygenated water. Not very flavorful. Mild nutty taste and no sweetness. Meh.

I’ll be posting more on how I’m hanging in there with all this juice soon. Until then, bottoms up!


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