Joseph: 7 Months

Seven months have flown by and my chubby infant has turned into a squirmy wiggle worm of a baby boy. Blows my mind.

This month has been one full of growth and development. I am constantly on the move. I can now “army crawl” everywhere and I am quite good at climbing over and around obstacles in my way. I can sit up on my own and I’m already eyeing the furniture to help me pull myself up. I love having mommy chase me about the house to keep me out of trouble.

I now want to play with more interactive toys and love my Grover puppet. I also want to chase Walter, but he is still too fast for me. He makes me laugh and smile whenever he enters the room and I immediately try to go where he is at.

I am still having some trouble with sleeping and napping this month, but I’ve gotten FIVE more teeth (8 total now) this month, so I’ve been quite uncomfortable and cranky. Hopefully, I will get a break before any more come in so I can sleep better.

I’ve also been enjoying more fruits and veggies this month, some new favorites are beets with applesauce, pumpkin, peaches, and mango. I’ve also started eating puffs, which are delicious! I gobble them as fast as mommy puts them out for me. I have also been working on drinking out of a sippy cup. I am pretty good at drinking, but I need a little help to hold the cup.

I am growing so fast, I know I’ll have many more things to share with you next month!

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