Hungry Little Man


Joseph’s been eating solids for almost 3 months now and is doing great. He’s got quite the appetite and is always happy trying something new. I’ve done purées of butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, sweet peas, and beets. We’ve also done avocado, peaches, mangos, and applesauce in addition to rice cereal.

I’ve been making all of his food myself and its surprisingly easy. Cook until soft, purée with immersion blender, and freeze in ice cube trays. I take out a couple of cubes for his dinner when I make his breakfast. Piece of cake.

I’ve also started him on some organic puffs as a first finger food. They melt in his mouth, so they’re easier to chew than Cheerios. He loves them. I’m hoping to continue to introduce some more veggies and try out some other grain cereals as well. Wondering what else I should introduce. Any suggestions?


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