Quilt for Lucille Rose

Shawn’s co-worker and friend will be having a little girl any second. I was racing to get this done before she went into labor and was able to give it to her over the weekend. I told her, “Now you are allowed to have that baby!”

I have to admit that this was a difficult one to let go, I really fell in love with the pattern and color palette. I love doing quilts for baby girls that are in feminine, but not “baby,” colors.  All of the fabrics are from Joann’s and I found half of them in the clearance bin. Crazy, huh? That floral focal fabric is amazing. I wish that I had more of it, but I was lucky to get the last yard and a half off the bolt.

I hand-tied the quilting again. I thought that it would soften up the look and be a nice contrast with the “adult” print and color palette. I purchased some curved quilting needles and this made the process so much easier. No struggling to get through the fabric or pricked fingers.

Good luck to Suzy and Jake, I hope that little Lucy makes her appearance soon!

2 thoughts on “Quilt for Lucille Rose

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