Joseph: Four Months

This month I have really started to interact with the world. I love to sit up and see the what’s happening around me, especially while in my Bumbo seat and in my Jumperoo. I am constantly rolling onto my tummy and pushing my self up on my hands. I am getting really good at grabbing everything: toys, bibs, my bottle, fingers, and mommy’s hair. I love to laugh and smile all the time. I sleep through the night all the time now, usually from 8:30 until 6am. I am quite the morning person, just like daddy. I really enjoy swimming in the pool and splashing in my tub. I’m starting to get my two bottom teeth and hope they come in soon, they hurt! I also love to screech and talk in a LOUD voice. Sometimes, I even startle myself when I make a big noise. I can’t hardly wait to see what I’ll be able to do next month!

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