101 Things: 26. Join a yoga studio

I was regularly practicing yoga when we lived in Madison, but when I got pregnant with the twins I was unable to continue. (Major morning sickness and downward facing dog do not go well together.) I took a few classes at the club after the twins, but I wasn’t a fan of the class. I mean, there was old people wearing JEANS in there. So you could imagine that it wasn’t really the most challenging.

I decided that as part of my Dream Year 2012 I would get back into practicing again.I decided to join Grow Yoga a studio that is close by and has classes that I can go to in the evening so Shawn can babysit. I’ve started with an eight week intro class to get myself back into the swing of things. I’ve signed up to take the Hatha Yoga series since I wanted a slower and more detailed approach to so I can relearn yoga postures and focus on the connection of breath and movement as well as proper alignment. Practicing Hatha Yoga builds strength and flexibility and is a wonderful way to de-stress, something I desperately need. I think that once I complete this course I’ll move on to a more challenging class, but for right now I think this will be just what I need.

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