Dream Year 2012

I’ve been given a clean bill of health by my OB/GYN and my primary care provider, so I’m now determined to start an exercise regimen and get my body into shape. After going through so many trials and tribulations the past couple of years, I am more determined than ever to get in shape. This is not so much about weight loss (well it is a little) but about feeling strong and in control of my body again. I’m calling this Dream Year 2012 inspired by Skip.

My plan is to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I’m going to get back into yoga again, taking the baby on walks when it’s weather-permitting, and doing some sort of workout tape while he naps. I need to find something that’s about 30 minutes – I don’t think I can spare more time than that. I’m hoping to find something on Netflix, since I don’t want to invest in a DVD until I know I’ll like it. Do any of you have A suggestion on which work for you?

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