Oh Baby

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on how things are going. It seem that the morning (all-day) sickness is on the way out. Huzzah! Finally starting to feel a like a human again. Still getting hit by the brick wall of tiredness, but hanging in there. I’m also definitely looking like a really pregnant lady instead of one that had a serious beer gut. Maternity clothing are a full time deal. -Clothing industry, you suck when it comes to this. Pregnant ladies want to buy fashionable clothing! Wise up!- I’ve also been feeling little flutters/butterflies of movement for about a week not. Tiny little things, but definitely there. Looking forward to the stronger bumps and kicks so that Shawn can feel them as well. Thursday I’ll be going to see the doctor for and will be having an ultrasound, hoping that I’ll be able to report whether this little meatball is a boy or a girl. Hopefully, it won’t be too modest and will give us the full monty. Fingers crossed!

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