Made Right Here

I want to share with you something pretty exciting from my friends Joe Gannon and Max Wastler. The amazing duo behind, Buckshot Sonny’s, they’ve decided to share their passion with all things American Made with the world by creating Made Right Here, a show about how things are crafted in the United States. Here’s an explanation from Max on the reasoning behind the show:

“It’s our desire to not only show how it’s made, not only where it’s made, but to also show the people who make it. We want to tell their stories. We also asked them to show Joe and I how to make one of their signature items. We made six pairs of carpenter jeans at Pointer. We made a chambray western shirt at Imogene + Willie, and we made belts and buckles with Billy Moore.

I say we made… really, we tried and failed to make all these things. This is part of the story, too. These people are craftspeople who’ve dedicated their lives to mastering a skill, a skill that is really tough to do.”

I cannot say enough how important it is to shine a light on the heritage of craft here in the America and how important it is to support and celebrate those that continue to create products for our nation. Shawn and I try to support US companies whenever possible, however I know how hard it can be to find those options. Luckily, we have Max and Joe to help up light the way.

(Please check out the full post to check our their fantastic pilot!)

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