Reliving my youth

I’ve decided to relive my youth, well part of it anyways. I had a pair of these iconic Eastland Falmouth camp moc that I wore all through high school. I literally wore the bottoms out of them! With everyone on the boat shoe band wagon, it made me lovingly remember my cam mocs and decided that I needed to bring them back into my wardrobe.

Luckily, the four-eyelet oxford never goes out of style and they are still available. Actually, I must not have been the only one trying to recapture my glory days because they seem to be coming quite popular again. Maybe a boat shoe back lash?

I order a pair last week and received them yesterday. I must say that they are every bit as comfortable as I remember – right out of the box! After a few months wear, I’m sure they’ll be like slippers and will also start to get that gorgeous leather patina that my originals had. Now I just need to decide, should I Eastland knot or not? 

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