Oh Jeni, I miss you so.

Summer is here and in full effect. Sunny warm days, flowers in bloom, swimming, cookouts, fun with family and friends. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it’s NOT! There is something that is sadly missing in our summertime routine: a nice after dinner stroll up to Jeni’s for some creamy, luscious, delicious ice cream.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a sweet little ice cream shop that was just a block away from our house in Columbus. (She has since expanded to five locations in CMH!) This is no Baskin Robbins people! She makes artisan ice cream with fresh ingredients found in the Ohio countryside as well as responsibly-raised exotics from around the world. She also hand-crafts all of the wonderful sauces, pralines, marshmallows, and other glorious tidbits that she adds to her ice cream confections. My favorite is her signature flavor, Salty Caramel, is something that haunts my dreams. She also does seasonal flavors that you wait all year for: Strawberry Buttermilk, Roxbury Road, and Backyard Mint are some of my faves.

I know that Jeni’s would be such a hit here in Madison. There is nothing like it here (sigh) and it would fit so well into the locavore/sustainable food movement that is so important to the city. If she ever decides to franchise, I am ALL OVER IT!!! Unfortunately, until then I’ll have to get my fix whenever I’m in good ol’ Columbustown.

UPDATE: Oh lord help me, she now ships across the US!!

***Image from Jeni’s blog Salty Caramel***

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