Survival of the In-Law Invasion

Well, it was a hectic week, but I survived. We had a really nice time with the family here.
Highlights included a trip to the Dane Co. Farmers Market, everyone falling in love with Glass Nickel pizza, a trip to Spring Green to visit his grandmother’s cousin, and watching Gran Tornino together. Only major debacle was that after brewing four consecutive pots on Sunday morning, the coffee maker couldn’t handle brewing a full pot of coffee. I think that the old girl blew a gasket or something. Will need to rent an industrial one next time they visit. All in all, I’m calling this one a success.

The family left on Friday morning, immediately afterwards Shawn and I drove down to Chicago so he could do a little competition shopping for work. We hit Oak St. and Michigan Ave. and had lunch at Fred’s the restaurant at the newly opened Barney’s. After shopping we met my sister, nephew, and some friends for dinner. Good pizza, some Chianti (four bottles!) and a ton of laughs. Back to Madison on Saturday morning to spend the remainder of the weekend in relaxation/recovery mode and just enjoying the quiet house. Aaaahhhh.

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