Gaining Confidence in my Skills

So, among the million things that I have been doing this week to prepare for Shawn’s family upcoming invasion, umm . . . I mean visit, one of them has been getting the spare bedrooms in order. Something that I have been meaning to do is get a chair to go with the vanity. I haven’t been able to find one that I like, that isn’t a ton of money. (Can I help it if I have expensive taste?) I have the old chair that my mom bought for me when she gave it for me. I think it must have been a kitchen chair or something. It’s based off of a bentwood chair, but done it white metal tubing. Not the most attractive thing out there. But it fit the vanity and is fairly comfortable. . . so I decided find a slip cover to make it more presentable. Unfortunately, the only ones I found were pretty awful looking. Either that or they cost an arm and a leg. After looking at the construction of a couple in the store, I decided to attempt to make a slip cover for it myself. Ambitious, considering that I’ve never made a slip cover before in my life and have only been sewing for a little over three months. Well, I have to say that it turned out pretty darn good. I got a yard of navy blue canvas from Walmart ($4!) and just kind of figured things out by trial and error. I finished off the bottom with a a little red fabric that I had in my stash to give it a little pop. I’m pretty amazed that I could pull this off, it’s given me the confidence to try my hand at some more ambitious sewing projects. . . curtains anyone?

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